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At the Habitat ReStore, you can help build houses in partnership with local families without ever lifting a hammer.

That’s right!

Each time that you shop at the ReStore and purchase building materials, furniture, appliances, and household goods, the net proceeds from your sale are invested in Habitat house construction right here in Alamance County.  When you shop at the ReStore, you invest in the lives of local families.

So, where does the ReStore get all the terrific stuff that fills the aisles, shelves, and shopping carts?  Our amazing array of merchandise comes almost exclusively from donors.  Yes – from DONORS!  Individuals, families, churches, civic groups, banks, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, plant nurseries, hardware stores, big box stores, locally-owned shops, and national chains – all donate to the Habitat ReStore.

The ReStore provides an outlet for goods, both new and used, that are in good, working order and keeps those goods out of the landfill.  While making those goods available to the public at reasonable prices, the ReStore offers donors the opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions.  It is a win – win for customers, for donors, for the environment, and for Habitat.

Volunteers power the ReStore.  From college students to church groups to employer teams to community service workers, volunteers provide the muscle to the ReStore.  Waiting on customers, unloading donations, pricing goods – all these efforts contribute to a successful ReStore.  And a successful ReStore contributes to Habitat house construction.

Shop, donate, and volunteer today!