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Recycle Your Building Materials in Burlington, NC

When you recycle your building materials, everyone wins. As new houses are built and older homes are rehabbed, renovated, and remodeled, reusable materials are generated within our community. Some of these items may be a bit out of style, but they are still useful in a variety of ways and to a variety of people.

Benefits of Donating Materials

The Habitat ReStore is a catalyst for Habitat’s work of building houses in partnership with low-income families. The net profit from each and every donation is immediately put to work to build houses and grow Alamance County. Beyond the benefit to Habitat, recycling materials leads to less landfill rubbish and saves money on disposal fees. Additionally, tax deductions are available to you for your donation, and you can use these deductions to offset your other building expenses. With your donation, you will both free up storage space and make home improvement more affordable for you and for those who purchase from the ReStore.

What Can Be Donated?

Donations can be dropped off at the store during store hours, or you can arrange a pickup for your convenience by calling the ReStore at 336-222-8292. You can collect usable materials as you construct, de-construct, renovate, rehab, and remodel properties. Keep a keen eye on carefully removing building elements for reuse and generate tax savings for yourself! Our most sought after donations include household goods, furniture, appliances, and building materials. This includes all unused or gently used items such as windows and doors, framing and moldings, flooring, and tiling materials.

Recycling building materials is not only eco-friendly, but it is also helpful to the community as a whole. The Habitat for Humanity of Alamance County ReStore is committed to building houses, communities, and hope throughout Alamance County. Come by today to see what we have to offer! Thanks for supporting the ministry of Habitat through the Habitat ReStore!