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Why Habitat?

In the United States alone, 95 million people have housing problems, including payments too large a percentage of their income, overcrowding, poor quality shelter and homelessness.

Clean, decent, and stable housing provides more than just a roof over someone’s head.  It provides:

  • Stability for families and children.
  • Sense of dignity and pride.
  • Health, physical safety, and security.
  • Increase of educational and job prospects.

Housing is a great means of wealth creation.

  • Home ownership is a form of wealth accumulation through equity and forced savings from mortgage repayment.
  • Housing construction creates job opportunities and stimulates the creation of small business.
  • The process of securing land tenure helps to increase access to credit.

Good housing attracts economic investment and development.

  • It contributes to thriving school systems and community organizations.
  • It serves as a catalyst for civic activism and a stimulus for community-based organizations.
  • Safe homes and neighborhoods help to build social stability and security.

Housing must become a priority.

  • The percentage of people without access to decent, stable housing is rising.
  • Increasing the housing supply across the globe is essential.
  • Adequate housing is vitally important to the health of the world’s economies, communities, and populations.
  • If we are to succeed in the fight against poverty, we must support the expansion of housing both as policy and as practice.